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Accounting Services
Excel Solutions offers a wide range of accounting services. Many of our accounting staff have been trained in the United States and hold advanced accounting degrees. Most of out, managers are certified public accountants. Each account supervisor has at least 5 years of accounting experience.

• Employee payroll
• Tax compliance and planning
• Tax returns
• General and financial accounting
• Travel and expense processing
• Accounts receivable and payable
• Collections
• Reconciliation
• Financial report preparations and analysis
• Management report preparations and analysis
• Cash management
• Financial risk management

• Excel Solutions india based account supervisor will have the prime responsibility for implementing accounting/audit/automation procedures. He or she will be the primary contact person for the account. The ultimate supervision rests with the team manager who is available for any questions you have on a daily basis.
• Process flow - charts will be developed, outlining responsibilities for each procedure contracted for.
• Onsite people will be given the training to familiarize themselves with the procedures required.
• Daily logs will be sent reviewing the flow of work sent to India and the work sent to the client.
• Our US based accounting staff will meet with your financial staff to review the areas in which we can add value and set the cost for service.
Our connectivity permits several combinations to suit client infrastructure and requirements. The client may connect directly to our server or upload data to a third party server. Excel downloads data from that server, processes the data and uploads the data, on a third party server from where the client downloads data.
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